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Glass Bed

Glass Thickness: 3/32“ / 0.0925” / 2.35mm
Glass Size: 16cm x 13cm w/ 45° off each corner (13mm).
The measurements were derived from the first link below.

Z Spacer

A “Z-spacer” may be needed but not always.

Monoprice Select Mini Glass Bed Spacer

MP Select Mini Z Spacer (customizable, no disassembly!)

MP Select Mini Z Spacer (snappable)

Bed Clips

There are many ways to attach the glass to the bed to prevent it from moving while printing. A thingiverse search will turn up some viable options.

Binder clips are an easy way to clip the glass to the bed. You'll probably need to adjust the placement because the stock fan shroud can catch the binder clips in some locations.

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