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Mods & Improvements

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Y-Axis Bed & Deck Expansion - 4th Dimension Modifications

Monoprice Mini 3D Printer Bed Upgrade

Belt Tensioners

6mm Belt Tensioners - by USWaterRockets, published Jul 31, 2016


Controller cooling fan mount - by kingofl337, published July, 2016

Controller board fan mount - by NF6X, published Jul 10, 2016

MP Select Mini Side Cooling Panel Mod - by FDM_Guru, published Aug 10, 2016


E3D v6 Mount - “The original”

Zero Offset E3D v6 Mount

PLA & PETG 40mm Fan Shroud - by FDM_Guru, published Jul 17, 2016

Power Supply

I have the Power! - An internal power supply mod - by U.S. Water Rockets, published Nov 09, 2016


Z-axis bracket - Clamps the Z-Axis to keep it from rattling and increase rigidity

Z-axis rod stabilizers


Tool Bracket/Holder - by eburgess4, published Jul 25, 2016

75mm VESA Mount (for Raspberry Pi case) - by j4c3, published Aug 13, 2016

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