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PID Autotune

PID Autotune with cycle support working for Motion firmware 22+

M303 Run PID tuning

Hot end usage

M303 S<temperature> C<#cycles>

M303 S210 C15

Note: Change the temperature (S value) to the temperature you anticipate using.
The above command will heat the nozzle and cycle around the target temperature 15 times (C15) at the given temperature (S210) and return the average values for P, I, and D.
Proceed to M301 Set PID parameters below

Bed usage

M303 E-1 S<temperature> C<#cycle>

M303 E-1 S60 C5

M301 Set PID parameters

Enter the values received after running M303 using M301 command

M301 P<Kp value> I<Ki value> D<Kd value>

M301 P20 I0.02 D250   ;Set new PID values
M500                  ;Save EEPROM
Reboot printer to complete the process


(The information below applies to Motion firmware 20 & lower)

Use Ethan Anderson's PID settings for Motion firmware version 20 & lower PID Tuning E. Anderson

M303 PID Autotune should be working (not very well though) in the latest firmware which is 18.37 (1.8)

“Note: Firmware 1.7 (17) and below may cause reset upon M303 command. Update firmware will solve this bug.” M303 S190 Autotune PID value for extruder at 190C.
M301 Manually set PID parameters P I and D.
M500 Save parameters to eeprom.

Source: NOTES: * PID Autotune cycles is not working yet. The next firmware release should include cycle support for PID Autotune. PID Tuning cycle support has been added since Motion version 22

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