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This is an old revision of the document!

Recovery Method - Motion Controller

Link to firmware:

Do not update the firmware before completing a few prints. Updating the firmware before using the printer introduces another variable to the troubleshooting session you may have to go through.

Note: If you have trouble updating, please format microSD card or use another microSD card and try again. Try a microSD card that is 4GB or less formatted with FAT. The printer can be picky at which cards it will update from so try a few cards.

The recovery method can be used as follows:

  1. Copy any version of “update.bin” Motion Controller firmware file to the root of the microSD card.
  2. Copy Create an empty file named “fcupdate.flg” and copy to the SD card.
  3. Copy a file named “fcupdate.flg” to the root of microSD card. This file can be derived from:
    • Creating an empty file named “fcupdate.flg”
    • Copying an existing file from your computer and rename to “fcupdate.flg”
    • Downloading from MP Select Mini Share - Google Drive Firmware » Individual » Motion » fcupdate.flg
  4. Put the microSD card in the printers microSD card slot/reader.
  5. Power on the printer. When the printer is powered on, it will force the update.
  6. IMPORTANT: After successfully updating, remove the SD Card and delete the “fcupdate.flg” file. You may also delete the “update.bin” file.
    (If flashing to a different version then follow the steps below)
  7. Export/Save any calibration you have done as the next step will erase/reset everything back to defaults.
  8. Reset EEPROM using “M502” and save EEPROM using “M500”
    Need help on how to send these commands? See Sending G-code
  9. (Optional) Run PID Autotune

Trouble recovering?

  • Format microSD card or use another microSD card and try again.
  • Try a microSD card that is 4GB or less formatted with FAT
  • Verify the x-axis endstop is not pressed in.
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