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Mods & Improvements

More can be found on the Resources & Links page.



4DM Extended Beds

Expands the standard printing dimension to 250mm in the Y-Axis.

Brutus Maximus
Expands the standard printing dimension to 250mm in the Y-Axis and to 185mm in the X-Axis.

By 4th Dimension Modifications

Monoprice Mini 3D Printer Bed Upgrade

Add a second slave heater to allow the bed to reach 110C - by Dave White, published Aug 19, 2016

Heat Bed Wire Mods

Monoprice Select Mini Heated Bed Wire Repair and Upgrade - by toys in the attic, March 12, 2017

Fixing Y-Axis Wobble/Errors (& Heat Bed Rewire) - by U.S. Water Rockets, published Oct 29, 2016

MP Select Mini External Heatbed Wire Mod (& Y-Axis Pulley Replacement) - by Robin Reiter, published Feb 7, 2017

Belt Tensioners

6mm Belt Tensioners - by USWaterRockets, published Jul 31, 2016

Belt Tensioners Thingiverse Collection


Replace Monoprice Select Mini Controller with Arduino Mega & Ramps 1.4 - by jalex9, published February 26, 2017

Monoprice Select Mini Smoothieboard Conversion - by mfink70

Controller cooling fan mount - by kingofl337, published July, 2016

Controller board fan mount - by NF6X, published Jul 10, 2016

MP Select Mini Side Cooling Panel Mod - by FDM_Guru, published Aug 10, 2016


Power Supply

I have the Power! - An internal power supply mod - by U.S. Water Rockets, published Nov 09, 2016


Keeping the X-Axis Belt from Twisting - by U.S. Water Rockets, published Jan 19, 2017


MP Select Mini (Y-Axis Pulley Replacement &) External Heatbed Wire Mod - by Robin Reiter, published Feb 7, 2017

Swapped out the plastic pulleys and nylon bushing idlers for metal - by Brian Corbino, published Dec 22, 2016
(Must be a member of the MP Select Mini Owners Facebook Group to view this post.)


Z-axis bracket - Clamps the Z-Axis to keep it from rattling and increase rigidity

Adding 3D Printed Z-Axis Rod Stabilizers - by U.S. Water Rockets, published Sept 16, 2016

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