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Looking for the Monoprice MP Mini Delta Wiki?


microSD Card - Kingston 2 GB microSD Flash Memory Card SDC/2GBSP (Single Pack)
This card seems to be either out of stock or overpriced more than it used to be. I guess I need to identify another known working card that is readily available.

I ordered this card December 14 from Amazon seller “i77e” to test after a number of people said they have used it without any issues.
I and others have had good luck with this and have successfully used this card directly out of the package with the MP Select Mini V2 and the MP Mini Delta for printing and also updating the Motion Controller firmware with no formatting required.

Try any card up to 32GB (yes some 32GB cards will work with the MP Select Mini V2 and the MP Mini Delta). FAT16 and FAT32 both work. Also exFAT works for some. The printer is picky about which cards it will read so if you have multiple microSD cards try them all.

You may also want to try formatting the larger cards such as 16GB and 32GB as FAT32 with different allocation unit/block sizes.

For example:

  • FAT32 with a block size of 4096
  • FAT32 with a block size of 8192
  • FAT32 with a block size of 16384
  • FAT32 with a block size of 32768
  • FAT32 with a block size of 65536

You can try the same with the lower capacity cards also but using smaller allocation unit/ block sizes. Also try FAT(16) with different allocation unit/ block sizes.

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