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Set Screw and Square Nut for Holding the Heat Break and Bowden Connector

This is for the V1 only

OEM Replacement

GiGDigit - Square Nut with Set Screw - MP Select Mini V1 - MP Mini Delta - Malyan M100 (Qty 2)

Set Screw

The “set screw” or “grub screw” that holds the heatbreak and Bowden tube connectors is M3-0.5 x 5mm (6mm will probably work) and takes a 1.5mm Allen wrench or 1/16“ Allen wrench. - Set Screw, M3 x 5mm (10) - M3-0.5 x 5 mm Alloy Metric Socket Set Screw (2-Pack)

Square Nut

The square nut is M3-0.5 It is 5.45mm square and 2.45mm thick. - Honbay 100pcs 304 Stainless Steel M3 Square Nuts - DD-life 100pcs 304 Stainless Steel Square Nuts M3

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