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Starting & Ending G-code Scripts

Starting G-code

G28 ; home all axes
; The following lines can be eliminated if using a skirt
; Uncomment the lines below to enable a purge and wipe action
; G1 Z0.2 F1200 ; raise nozzle
; G92 E0 ; reset extrusion distance
; G1 X10 ; move X-carriage 10mm to prep for wipe
; G1 Y100 E12 F600 ; purge nozzle & wipe
; G92 E0 ; reset extrusion distance from wipe action

Ending G-code

M104 S0 ; turn off hotend heater
M140 S0 ; turn off bed heater
G91 ; Switch to use Relative Coordinates
G1 E-2 F300 ; retract the filament a bit before lifting the nozzle to release some of the pressure
G1 Z1 ; raise Z 1mm from current position
G1 E-2 F300 ; retract filament even more
G90 ; Switch back to using Absolute Coordinates
G1 X15 ; move X axis close to tower but hopefully far enough to keep the fan from rattling
G1 Y120 ; move bed forward for easier part removal
M84 ; disable motors
G4 S600 ; keep fan running for 600 seconds to cool hotend and allow the fan to be turned off
M107 ; turn off fan
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