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 [[:​mods#​heat_bed_wiring|Click here for more information about rerouting the bed wiring.]] [[:​mods#​heat_bed_wiring|Click here for more information about rerouting the bed wiring.]]
 +The collection used to be displayed on this page but either Thingiverse is blocking it or maybe it is because of recent internet browser security updates. \\Either way here is the direct link to the [[https://​​MatthewUpp/​collections/​mpsm-bed-wiring|Thingiverse Collection for Select Mini Bed Wiring]] \\
 {{url>​https://​​MatthewUpp/​collections/​mpsm-bed-wiring 100%,1080px noborder}} {{url>​https://​​MatthewUpp/​collections/​mpsm-bed-wiring 100%,1080px noborder}}
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