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USB with WiFi App

EXPERIMENTAL: This may not work for everyone or anyone. If it does work now, it may not work in the future. This may be a bug and may not exist in all or any currently released firmware. I am documenting it for future references. This page is not linked anywhere other than the Sitemap. The page URL may change without a redirect.

Connecting to WiFi

  1. For initial WiFi setup try moving the printer closer to the WiFi router.
  2. Connect a USB cable from the printer to a computer
  3. Turn on the MP Select Mini.
  4. Open the MP 3D Printer WiFi Connect App
  5. Verify the correct SSID is displayed. (Must be a 2.4GHz network)
  6. Enter wireless network password. (Do NOT tap “Connect to WiFi” yet)
  7. Connect to the printer using your favorite Pronterface or Telnet program
  8. Send command M556 P1. “Smart config started” message is displayed on the LCD (if working).
  9. Tap the “Connect to WiFi” button and within 10-60 seconds the process should complete.
    1. The printer's LCD will display “Smart config success” when the process is complete.
    2. The device will display “MP Select Mini is now connected to WiFi…”
    3. You will also notice the Select Mini has been assigned an IP Address that is displayed at the top of the printer's display.
  10. Disconnect USB cable from printer


  • WiFi and USB cannot access simultaneously.
  • Disconnect USB cable from the printer if you want to use the WiFi function.
  • WiFi works with 2.4 GHz b/g/n networks only.
  • These next two notes apply to when connecting using the Android & iOS apps.
    1. If you have a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network using the same SSID(wireless network name) you may have trouble connecting the printer.
    2. For initial WiFi setup try moving the printer closer to the WiFi router.
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