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-Note: Wifi and USB cannot access simultaneously. Please disconnect USB from printer if you want to use wifi function.+
-Wifi usage(Method A) +====== Connecting ​to WiFi ====== 
-1. Update ​to latest firmware. ​ +  * [[wifi:​android_3dcraft|Android - 3D Craft]] 
-2. Press and holding center button on "​Move"​ menu will enter config status. Release button when smart config dialog show. Run android app to config ​wifi.+  * [[wifi:​ios|iOS - MP 3D Printer WiFi Connect]] 
 +  * [[wifi:​g-code_file|G-code file]] 
 +  * [[wifi:​g-code_usb|USB - G-code]] 
 +  * [[wifi:​windows|Windows - Malyan Link]]
-Wifi usage(Method B): 
-1. Using command "M550 SSID" & "M551 PASSWORD"​ to enter AP information though terminal. ​ 
-2. You will see IP show up in title bar. 
-Wifi usage(Method C): I need to create the step by step still +===== Accessing Web UI ===== 
-Using Windows application Malyan Link +[[wifi:​webui|Accessing Web UI]]
-1. Install Malyan Link +
-2. Once installed and running right click the Malyan Link icon in the Windows taskbar. It is a black "​M"​ with a cirlce around it. +
-3. Select Wifi wizard. "wifi" dialog should box appear +
-4. Select your wireless network from the list or manually input your wireless networks SSID if using a computer without WiFi. If the option to manually input your SSID is not available please download the newest version. +
-5. Input network password +
-6. Connect +
-7. Disconnect USB when told+
-Access though web browser: 
-Check IP address displayed on LCD, copy this address to web browser in computer. 
-Connecting Malyan M200 (Monoprice Select Mini) to WiFi and Controlling with Repetier-Host:​ 
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