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-===== Connecting to WiFi =====+~~NOTOC~~
-**Link ​to firmware, Malyan Link (Windows PC), Malyan ​3D Craft (Android):** https://​​YTwBs9+====== Connecting ​to WiFi ====== 
 +  * [[wifi:​android_3dcraft|Android - 3D Craft]] 
 +  * [[wifi:ios|iOS - MP 3D Printer WiFi Connect]] 
 +  ​[[wifi:​g-code_file|G-code file]] 
 +  ​[[wifi:g-code_usb|USB - G-code]] 
 +  * [[wifi:​windows|Windows - Malyan Link]]
-//​**NOTES:​** ​ WiFi and USB cannot access simultaneously. Please disconnect USB from printer if you want to use WiFi function. ​ WiFi seems to only work with 2.4 GHz networks. For initial WiFi setup try moving the printer closer to the WiFi router. // 
-=== WiFi usage(Method A): === +===== Accessing Web UI ===== 
-Android App - Malyan 3D Craft +[[wifi:​webui|Accessing Web UI]]
-  - Update to latest ​UI/LCD firmware. (After doing all the steps below the printer doesn'​t connect to WiFi, try "​updating"​ to UI/LCD firmware version 34. After flashing version 34, the display will show that it is version 33. They forgot to increment the version number. Going back to version 34 helped with my printer received 2016-05-27 but one received 2016-09-02 didn't matter). +
-  - Disconnect USB cable +
-  - Press and holding center button on "​Move"​ menu will enter config status. Release button when smart config dialog show. (<​del>​They only version that I have seen the smart config dialog stay up after releasing the button is UI/LCD firmware version 34</​del>​ If the smart config message does not stay after releasing the button you should be able to hold the button down through the whole process and will disappear once the WiFi is connected). +
-  - Run android app 3DCraft to config WiFi per video.+
-=== WiFi usage(Method B): === 
-Using terminal via USB 
-  - Update to latest firmware. 
-  - Connect USB to computer 
-  - Using command "M550 SSID" & "M551 PASSWORD"​ to enter AP information though terminal. ​ 
-  - You will see IP show up in title bar. 
-=== WiFi usage(Method C):  === 
-Using Windows application Malyan Link 
-  - Install Malyan Link 
-  - Connect USB to computer 
-  - Once installed and running right click the Malyan Link icon in the Windows taskbar. It is a black "​M"​ with a circle around it. 
-  - Select Wifi wizard. "​wifi"​ dialog should box appear 
-  - Select your wireless network from the list or manually input your wireless networks SSID if using a computer without WiFi. If the option to manually input your SSID is not available please download the newest version. 
-  - Click "​Next"​ (clicking the labeled tabs gave me errors) 
-  - Input network password 
-  - Click "​Next" ​ 
-  - Click "​Connect"​ 
-  - Click "​OK"​ on the dialog box displaying "​Please disconnect USB from printer"​ 
-  - Click "​Finish"​ 
-  - Disconnect USB cable from printer and the IP address should show up 
-=== Access through web browser: === 
-Check IP address displayed on LCD, copy this address to web browser in computer. 
-== Connecting Malyan M200 (Monoprice Select Mini) to WiFi and Controlling with Repetier-Host:​ == 
-{{youtube>​UQkVYsSrpVw?​medium}} ​   {{youtube>​XuO_UaUFlBI?​medium}} 
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