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This is an old revision of the document!

Connecting to WiFi

Link to firmware, Malyan Link (Windows PC), Malyan 3D Craft (Android):


  • WiFi and USB cannot access simultaneously.
  • Disconnect USB cable from the printer if you want to use the WiFi function.
  • WiFi works with 2.4 GHz b/g/n networks only.
  • These next two notes apply to when connecting using the Android app.
    1. If you have a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network using the same SSID(wireless network name) you may have trouble connecting the printer.
    2. For initial WiFi setup try moving the printer closer to the WiFi router.


  1. Download the .apk file 3dcraft from located in the folders “Software - Android & Windows Apps” then “Android App - Malyan 3D Craft”
  2. Disconnect USB cable from the printer
  3. Open the Android application while connected to the wireless network you wish to connect the printer to.
  4. Verify the correct SSID is listed.
  5. Enter wireless network password.
  6. Use the printers LCD to navigate to the “Move” menu.
  7. Press and hold the dial button.
  8. Release the button when the “Smart config started” message is displayed.
    • If the smart config message does not stay after releasing the button you can hold the button down through the whole process and the message will disappear once the WiFi is connected.
  9. Tap the “Connect” button and wait for the success or failed message appears on the device. If successful the printer's display will show the message “Smart config success” for a couple of seconds.

This method does work for configuring open system WiFi networks with no password. After doing all the steps below the printer doesn't connect to WiFi, try “updating” to UI/LCD firmware version 34. After flashing version 34, the display will show that it is version 33. They forgot to increment the version number. Going back to version 34 helped with my printer received 2016-05-27 but one received 2016-09-02 didn't matter. On my printer received 2016-05-27, UI firmware version 34 is the only version that the smart config dialog stay up after releasing the button.

USB - G-code

  1. Connect USB to computer
  2. Use command “M550 SSID” - Replace “SSID” with the name of your WiFi network
  3. Use command “M551 PASSWORD” - Replace “PASSWORD” with the password for your WiFi network
  4. You should see IP address displayed in title bar where no connection was once displayed
M550 SSID         ;SSID = Name of WiFi network (case sensitive)
M551 PASSWORD     ;PASSWORD = Password for WiFi network (case sensitive)
  1. Install Malyan Link
  2. Connect USB to computer
  3. Once installed and running right click the Malyan Link icon in the Windows taskbar. It is a black “M” with a circle around it.
  4. Select Wifi wizard. “wifi” dialog should box appear
  5. Select your wireless network from the list or manually input your wireless networks SSID if using a computer without WiFi.
    1. If the option to manually input your SSID is not available please download the newest version.
  6. Click “Next” (clicking the labeled tabs gave me errors)
  7. Input network password
  8. Click “Next”
  9. Click “Connect”
  10. Click “OK” on the dialog box displaying “Please disconnect USB from printer”
  11. Click “Finish”
  12. Disconnect USB cable from printer and the IP address should show up

G-code file

  1. Download the file “wifi_setup.gcode” from the Google Drive “WiFi” Folder, Save from the link below, or Copy & paste from the code block below.
  2. Using a text editor; Windows Notepad, Notepad++, or similar program
    1. Replace “SSID” with the name of your WiFi network - don't leave spaces after the SSID name unless your SSID has spaces at the end
    2. Replace “PASSWORD” with the password for your WiFi network - don't have spaces after the password unless your password has spaces at the end
    3. Verify there is a blank line for the last line. If there is not a blank line then add one.
  3. Save the file with the extension “.gcode” e.g., “wifi_setup.gcode”
  4. Copy the file onto a microSD card and insert the microSD card into the printer.
  5. From the Print menu select the file you just copied to the card.
  6. The printer will go through a short routine. The fan turning on/off and movement of the X & Y axis is to let the user know that process has started and that is has ended. i.e. The only important parts are the two lines that contain M550 & M551.
    1. The fan will turn on
    2. X & Y axis with move to home position
    3. SSID & Password will be saved to the printer
    4. The X-axis will move to the center of the bed
    5. The fan will turn off to signify completion
    6. Sometimes the LCD doesn't show the job as complete but you can cancel the job or power cycle the printer.


  • This method will work with SSID & passwords that contain multiple spaces, space(s) at the end, special characters, & lower case characters in any location.
  • This method will not work if WiFi password contains a semicolon “;”
  • This method will not work for configuring open system WiFi networks with no password.
; G-Code generated by Matthew Upp
; WiFi SSID & Password for Malyan M200 & MP Select Mini
; Look below and replace "SSID" with the name of your WiFi network - don't leave spaces after the SSID name
; Look below and replace "PASSWORD" with the password for your WiFi network - don't leave spaces after the password
; This method will not work if WiFi password contains a semicolon “;”
; This method will not work for configuring open system WiFi networks with no password
; Lines with only a semicolon are for making line separations only
; Please add a blank line to the end of the file while editing. DokuWiki Code Blocks deletes blank lines at the end of the block but g-code files should end with a single blank line at the end.
M106 S0 ; turn fan off in case it was already on
M106 S200 ; turn fan on to signify start
G28 X Y ; home X & Y
G1 X60 Y60 F1000 ; CENTER bed to signify completion
M106 S0 ; turn fan to signify completion
M84 ; disable motors

Accessing Through Web Browser

Using the IP address displayed on LCD, insert the address into the URL bar of your choice web browser.

Connecting Malyan M200 (Monoprice Select Mini) to WiFi and Controlling with Repetier-Host:

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